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Thursday, December 17, 2009

"I just Blogged my Boyfriend"


Now im not sure of the rules girls...however i wanted to post a blog on my boy. Now i know this is a girls fashion blog and all however he is quite the fashion"mr" and a cutie:)- bit of a skater boy slash rock. He loves Volcom and arty print ts. He loves to skate and if im not sleeping over then hes other girlfriend will be in bed with him.... "his surfbaord hehe". Hes the most amazing bar tender and you can catch him mixing up drinks at Silk Road in Melbourne, Australia- make sure you tip;). He makes me laugh so much:) you can catch him wearing his fave bright boardies even in winter as hes a brissy boy- (moved to melb) its his birthday next week and im going to buy him a big cake and give him a big kiss & lots of pressies i love him very much and know you girls will think hes very cute ;) hehe

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